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In the heart of the mountain range of majestic Tzoumerka, the Baldeneige Guesthouse comes to showcase as an ideal retreat for those seeking the perfect mix of luxurious accommodation and the enrapturing experiences that nature offers. The best scenic mountain views of the deluxe double rooms and triple rooms combine to give the most excellent scenic atmosphere towards a memorable holiday or a serene hideaway from the rush and noise of every day’s routine.
The mountain view deluxe double room is especially meant for a couple or single with an eye for the cozier things in comfort and aesthetics. Each room of the facility becomes a place of tranquility, awakening every guest with such a spectacle from the windows of the Tzoumerka mountains, giving them the instant feeling of contact with nature. The rooms are well-furnished in a very vigilant manner to cater to a luxury stay, taking good care of all the modern amenities as per the needs of the travelers.


It is well-equipped to adjust a family or a group of friends. Equally spacious and elegantly designed are the rooms with such stunning views on the mountains and with such a backdrop that enhances the sense of escape and relaxation. The triple rooms of the guest house are remarkable in every aspect for the quality and highest standards of excellence towards guest satisfaction from the fine linen to thoughtful facilities making every stay a pleasurable one.
Baldeneige Guesthouse is more than the accommodation; it is the gate to explore the spotless beauty of Tzoumerka mountains. The guests can be entertained with a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, or even just walking leisurely in the lap of nature. This location of the guesthouse makes it an excellent starting point for everyone willing to explore wild nature throughout the area and feel the calmness which only Tzoumerka can offer to you.

The perfect spot to be

Whether it's a romantic holiday for a couple, an ideal family outing, or a single escapade in solitude - the Baldeneige Guesthouse experience is made unique. The view to the mountain in the deluxe double and triple room is a permanent reminder of the majestic beauty that houses this distinguished guest house, making every stay an unforgettable part of your journey into the heart of Tzoumerka.